Quantified Self


I was assigned a task that required me to collect data on myself for five days or use data that I already have and analyze and visualize the data into an attractive poster. I decided to measure the frequency of communication with people from my social circle.

The reason why I chose to visualize my communication pattern is because I recognized that the amount I communicate with people from my social circle tends to fluctuate throughout the year depending on when I have met a person and how I socially close I am with them.


I started going through my messages on different social media accounts I owned, and documenting the frequency of my social activities with certain friends from the time I received or sent the first message. From there, I chose four friends with varying frequencies and decided to analyze the frequency of our communication in the year 2017.


After I collected, sorted through, and chose the data I wanted to visualize, I did some research to find some inspiration on different data visualization styles to create a mood board of what I potentially wanted to display.


I created different sketches to visualize which style would be the best fit to portray the data I collected.

Final Product
What I Learned About Myself
  • I learned that I apparently like to ignore people....a lot.

  • February is my least favorite month to communicate.

  • I like communicating with a Hungarian dude named Bálint.